How to Make an Easy Floral Arrangement

There is just nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your interiors. I adore having fresh flowers around me and I find arranging them to be relaxing and rewarding.  I often create flower arrangements for the photo shoots of our interior design projects in Calgary. Here are my tips on creating a lovely arrangement like the one in the photo above.

This particular style of arrangement is really easy to make if you have the right tools handy. All you need is pretty container, some floral oasis (the kind that can be soaked in water), a knife, and flowers!  When you are choosing your flowers go for a variety of bloom sizes, textures and shapes.  Think about mixing roses, lilies and mums together.  If you are worried about putting different colours together, try using a single colour like coral or yellow.  A floral arrangement in a solid colour is so vibrant!

Start by soaking the oasis in water and then cutting it to fit into your container.

Begin with one of your flower types.  I love roses in these arrangements because of their saturated colour and they open so majestically.  I chose yellow roses for this arrangement.  Also, I think it is more effective if you bunch or group several blooms together.

I used 2 dozen roses in this arrangement.

Add in each flower type one at a time.  In this arrangement I added some lovely lilies that were a citrus yellow.  Mixing the differing shades of the colour you choose makes the arrangement more interesting. There were five stems of lilies used in this arrangement

Next I filled out the arrangement with alstroemeria . This is a great flower to use because it is inexpensive and really fills up the arrangement.  It is really important to keep turning your arrangement as you go and make sure that the proportion feels good.  It doesn’t have to be completely symmetrical (nothing in nature is!) but it should be balanced. I often will push in or adjust the positioning of the blooms to get the size of the arrangement right. In total, this arrangement took eight stems of alstroemeria.

I thought this arrangement needed a bit of contrast, so I used a simple white crysanthamum with a chartreuse center.  Since each stem of the mum has multiple blooms they are hard to control.  I tend to chop off each bloom individually and group them together as shown.

Fill in the blank spaces with mums and add some greenery at the bottom of the arrangement.  Simple!

This arrangement will be used during a photo shoot of our client’s new kitchen. The flowers are quite tightly packed together so that they make big impact in the pictures. I thought that the yellow would look amazing with her cream cabinets, grey walls and French Country style.  Here are some more photos of the finished French Country kitchen.

For inspirational floral arrangements check out these websites which are some of my favorites!

Blush Floral Design from Connecticut has a gorgeous website with amazing photography.

Hilary Miles out of Vancouver has a great gallery of simple arrangements.

Calgary interior designers like myself often use Anne Patterson’s Flowers when we need the professionals to handle the arrangements!

Style Me Pretty is a wedding blog featuring fabulous floral ideas. I love perusing their postings for arrangement ideas.

For over the top floral inspiration check out Preston Bailey’s website.  It’s absolutely incredible how he transforms a space.  The events he creates are breathtaking and awe-inspiring!



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