Practical and Pretty Tips for Powder Rooms

Bathroom design by David Powel photograph via Canadian House and Home

Powder rooms are diminutive spaces that need to have big impact while still balancing  practicality. These tiny rooms offer the perfect opportunity to create a precious jewel box showcasing your home’s personality and wowing your guests. However, the powder room is frequently the only bathroom on the main floor of your home, and therefore needs to be functional if you have a young family. It can be tricky balancing the required durability with an elegant style. Key areas where you may want to add some pizzazz are the walls, lighting, mirror, sink, and the cabinetry.

Bathroom design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Wallpaper or a bold wall color is the easiest way of making your powder room a statement piece. In this bathroom, we used washable wallpaper from Crown Wallpaper. So many gorgeous wallpapers are made to be washed or made of vinyl which makes them an obvious choice for a bathroom if you have children. Also, there are many commercial grade wallpapers that can stand up to a real beating and still look stylish.

Bathroom design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Tile wainscoting is durable but also looks smart. This powder room was directly connected to a mud room and needed to be very family friendly. This particular oversized subway tile from Stone Tile West in Calgary has a few accent tiles embossed with words like “soap”, “flush”, and “towel” subtly sprinkled amongst the other tiles. It’s a cheeky and whimsical choice but fitting for a family powder room!

Photograph via Kitchen and Bath Ideas

Another way to add interest to your walls is to tile the entire wall behind the sink in an incredible accent tile like this stunning glass mosaic. It’s easy to clean and a smashing focal point to your bathroom!

Bathroom design by Jessica Helgerson photo via Design Sponge

Painted or wood wainscoting is also a great choice for a powder room. It adds architectural interest and a durable surface to the walls. Here’s another tip about wainscoting – if you have ceilings over 8’ high in your powder room wainscoting helps to bring the proportion of the room to a more comfortable scale. Powder rooms that feel like elevator shafts are not comfortable spaces to be in! Wainscoting is the perfect remedy for small, tall spaces.

Bathroom design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Beautiful light fixtures are a must in powder rooms. Sconces on either side of the mirror are a very elegant alternative to one vanity light above the sink if there is enough room to accommodate them. These particular light fixtures are from Fine Art Lamps and have a beautiful silver and gold patina finish. In Calgary, you can find light fixtures from Fine Art Lamps at Robinson’s Lighting. In addition to great lighting, this bathroom features a lovely countertop detail. Typically powder room countertops are not as abused as other bathroom countertops so don’t be too worried about a delicate material like marble, wood or glass options.

Bathroom design by Brown Design Inc

Now back to lighting. If there is not enough room for sconces on either side, try hanging a pretty pendant over the sink. Powder rooms do not need to be as brightly lit as other rooms in your house. Your light fixtures should help create a mood and flatter those gazing on their image in the mirror, not terrify them! This bathroom was designed by Ryan Brown the designer on the Bravo channel show “Flipping Out”. This chandelier makes this bathroom sparkle!

Bathroom design by John Saladino photo via Velvet and Linen

Mirrors in powder rooms are most charming when they unique. This bathroom is so unusual and charming.

Bathroom design by Kristen Buckingham photograph via Point Click Home

Antiques or mirrors with beautiful frames look stunning in powder rooms. Think outside of the box and choose something unexpected for your mirror.

Vessel sinks are a popular choice for bathrooms and there are a multitude of styles and materials to choose from. One word of warning though – this type of sink can splash water around more then a basin. If you have children and don’t want to be constantly cleaning up, think twice about the vessel sink! This unique sink carved from stone is a statement! The Art of Hardware in Calgary carries this line of sinks from Stone Forest.

Photograph via Kitchen and Bath Ideas

Cabinets in powder rooms need to hold a minimal amount of supplies. This creates an opportunity to create a centerpiece for the room. Often a vanity is created to look like furniture or a piece of furniture is converted to contain the sink. Some plumbing companies like Kohler also manufacture bathroom furniture as well as pedestal sinks and vessels.

Bathroom design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

The vanity in this bathroom is a piece of furniture that our client found and fell in love with. We had it repurposed to accommodate the sink and a piece of marble cut to fit on to the top. The mirror is an antique that the client had hanging in another area of the home which we snagged to finish off this exquisite powder room!

Powder rooms are the smallest room of your home but need not be bland and boring! Try these tips to keep the room practical and pretty at the same time!



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