Decorating with Green – Happy St. Patty's Day

Interior design by Ashley Whittaker, photo via House Beautiful

Green is such a versatile color to decorate with. It can be soft and soothing like sage or mint or energetic and vibrant like chartreuse or emerald. Green is a popular choice for my clients, and as a Calgary interior designer I am always excited when a client requests green. Reminiscent of nature, green is an easy hue to live with. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the onset of spring, here are rooms employing some fresh green shades for you to enjoy.

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

For this Arts and Crafts Calgary renovation that we completed in the neighborhood of Mount Royal, a vibrant shade of lemongrass was chosen for the wall color. This space is a reading loft between the bedrooms and has a view on to the river valley. Green was the perfect choice to reflect the abundant foliage in the summer months.

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Wasabi green pairs beautifully with charcoal in this family room. For this client, we designed custom furniture and provided slip covers for the cubes and extra pillows all made in a shade of red so that our client has a summer and a winter scheme. The green is perfect in the summer look! It’s so fresh against the tailored grey furniture and crisp white paneling.

Interior design by Jamie Drake,  photo via House Beautiful

Pretty spring green wallpaper is paired with soft yellow-green bedding and pink accents. This room is ready for spring!

Interior design by Tobi Fairley

Kelly green is preppy and spunky. This room mixes traditional and modern elements beautifully and the green shade is youthful and energetic without being over the top.

Interior design by Mary McDonald, photo via My Domicile Style

Stripes of avocado green, black and pink are vibrant in this family room! Otherwise the room is very white, but the green backdrop makes it lively and fun.

Interior design by Mary McDonald, photo via My Domicile Style

This collection of green pottery is dramatic and makes a statement. Remember when displaying your collections that they are more powerful grouped together then they are sprinkled around the room.

Interior design by Amanda Nisbet

Just a touch of green is all you need to add to your room. In this serene bedroom, leaf green is used on the drapery, blanket, accessories and bed skirt trim. The overall effect is bright and fresh.

Interior design by Amanda Nisbet

A chartreuse wall livens up the neutral furniture in this cozy spot. I can picture this look working well for a media room. The gold accents look gorgeous against the charcoal and chartreuse.

Interior design by Palmer Weiss, photo via Simplified Bee

This rich emerald green sofa is a stately and pretty when paired with softer green drapery and accent pillows. The contrast tape detail on the sofa back and skirt is just delightful. This color is evocative of the hunter green color used in so many interiors during the eighties, but this combination is updated and new again.

House Beautiful did an article describing on the personality of color and here is what they had to say about people who are drawn towards green.

“This is someone who exudes positive energy and a ‘we can make it happen’ philosophy. With a discerning sensibility and an innate desire to put others at ease, this person is a natural when it comes to social endeavors.”

So if you are looking for an interior that is welcoming and easy to live with think about one of the many gorgeous shades of green. There are so many beautiful hues to consider.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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