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Many clients are afraid to incorporate modern furniture styles in their homes if they tend toward a more traditional style of decorating. However, many pieces of modern furniture are so well designed that they have a transitional appeal, meaning they can be mixed with other styles seamlessly. I have been known to mix contemporary furniture with antiques in the same room, and I like the contrast between different styles of furniture. It keeps your rooms unique and unexpected. Here are some classic furniture pieces that we will often incorporate into our Calgary interior design projects. You may have seen these pieces before in design magazines because they are favorites of many designers. Here are some ideas of how to incorporate them into your home and where to find them in Calgary.

 Photo courtesy of Coco Cozy

The Saarinen Tulip table is available in several sizes and finish options, but my favorite has the round marble top. The base is simple and sleek and doesn’t compete with an ornate chair. Kit Interior Objects carries this piece of furniture.

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

This is my own kitchen dining table. I paired my marble Saarinen table with chinoiserie-style black lacquer dining chairs from Maria Tomas. Since the base of this table is so simple the decorative chairs do not compete with it.

Photo courtesy of Nibs Blog

The writer of Nibs Blog did a lovely post featuring several different rooms with the Saarinen table. This room took my breath away. I like the idea of using it in a library space.

Photo courtesy of Nibs Blog

This table looks perfectly at home surrounded by these antique wood dining chairs. What a lovely dining room!

Photos courtesy of Sunset Magazine via the blog Material Girls

Here it is sporting a dark wood top. Again, it works really well with modern pieces like the chairs and traditional décor. Check out those candelabra on the fireplace!

The Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair has become an iconic piece of furniture. It is available through Kit Interior Objects in Calgary and works wonderfully as a dining chair, accent chair or desk chair. The modern take on this traditional style is a huge hit with designers because of its classic shape, clear finish and versatility.

Interior Design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

In this teenaged-girl’s bedroom, we used the Ghost Chair at our client’s homework desk. It’s fun and since it is clear, it’s not bulky in a small space.

Photo courtesy of  My Lavender Fields

The chair works really well in this sophisticated study too. It disappears so that the interesting bookcases become the focal point.

Photo courtesy of Decorpad

In this dining area, the Ghost is paired with other clear acrylic chairs. I love the modern farmhouse look this designer has created.

Photo courtesy of Nori Studios

I never thought to use the chair outdoors until I saw this lovely dining area!

Photo courtesy of Herman Miller

I would be shocked if you weren’t familiar with the Eames Lounge and Ottoman. This beautiful example of craftsmanship was designed in the 50’s by Ray and Charles Eames and is arguably one of the most recognized pieces of furniture ever built. In Calgary, you can order this chair from Contemporary Office Interiors (COI).

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

In my own home, I used an Eames Lounge and Ottoman in my family room. I chose the walnut wood finish and a camel-colored leather. It sits atop a vegetable dyed traditional area rug and is a favorite place to sit with my son when we are reading a book.

Unknown Source

I haven’t seen it upholstered like this before! Usually it is covered in leather but the plaid is a fresh approach and I like its novelty.

Photo courtesy of Smart Furniture

This piece has a masculine feel, and is right at home in this study. The Eames Lounge is a terrific choice in an Arts and Crafts home because the attention to detailing suits the Craftsman aesthetic. It also would look marvelous in a more rustic home with its molded plywood frame and leather seat complimenting the architectural style.

Photo courtesy of In Design

Upholstered in white leather, this chair has a lighter, more feminine feel. It’s a perfect choice for a reading area because of its comfort. It’s also great if you have a wonderful view and want a swiveling chair. Hands down, this is the best looking swivel chair out there!

Child-sized Eames replica by Little Nest

This child-sized replica is not yet available in Canada to my knowledge, but I am hoping it will be soon! How adorable!

These iconic pieces of furniture have a timeless appeal, and are built to last if you buy an original. Of course there are stores in town like Nood, which carry less expensive knock-offs, but I am a huge aficionado of the real McCoy. They are built better and last longer. Plus, they will retain some of their value. As the above images illustrate, these pieces of furniture can work in many different styles of home. Their classic lines, interesting design, flexibility and craftsmanship make them favorites in the furniture industry. Have some fun and don’t be afraid to add some modern furniture into the mix!




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