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Most of our interior design clients have busy families. Mudrooms which are well organized and carefully planned keep all the family members’ coats and boots organized and tidy and keep Mom & Dad less stressed! One common request that we get time and time again when we are working on renovations or new home construction projects is to incorporate locker storage into the mudrooms. Lockers are ideal since little ones can easily hang their own gear and keep organized. We are currently working on several mudrooms for our clients. Here is a sampling of the floor plans for these rooms and some images showcasing different kinds of locker storage.

We are working in conjunction with Mission Homes and McDowell & Associates Architecture on this custom-built Calgary home in the neighborhood of Altadore. This mudroom features a row of four lockers and lots of shelves and drawers on either side for extra storage. There will also be a closet opposite the lockers with single and double rod hanging for overflow coats. Another great feature of this mudroom is the countertop under the window which will have extra plugs for charging cell phones.

For this Calgary renovation project in Bearspaw, we are expanding the mudroom into a space that is currently not used in the garage. There will also be four lockers in this scenario and we will be adding an extra bathroom and dog washing station in this mudroom. I’m jealous of this one!

Here are some great images of mudroom lockers…

Image courtesy of K+BB

Building the bench surface of the lockers out of wood is a brilliant idea if you want painted lockers. The wood handles wear and tear better than a painted surface and adds warmth to the room. The extra deep drawers under the bench are perfect for lots of shoes!

Image courtesy of the

Love the bead board backing on these lockers and the open shelf space below the bench for tall boots. Some of our clients opt for this instead of the drawer below because it is easier to clean. The arched niche at the top is a nice detail too.

Image courtesy of Southern Living Magazine

If you don’t want to see the lockers, you can always put them behind closed doors!

Image courtesy of the

This bench is not a locker, but I had to show it to you anyway! The antique mirror and carved wood surround makes this mudroom bench pretty enough to be in the front hall! What a lovely detail!

If all the piles of boots, shoes, backpacks and coats are getting on your nerves, locker storage may be the answer for you! Summer is a great time to get your mudroom designed and organized before school and hectic family schedules begin again in the fall.




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  • Very interesting post – I love the examples. I debated for a long time whether to do lockers in my mudroom, and ultimately decided to have a big coat closet where we are going to have a combination of shelves and a hanging rod – I need to have things behind closed doors!

    • admin

      Personally, I like things behind closed doors too! But many people find that the lockers keep them better organized. If the open lockers are preferred, then a door on the mudroom is a must. You’ve got to be able to close the door when things get messy or when an unexpected guest drops by!! Thanks for your comment.

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