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It’s time for another round of Double Vision – the series where my design partner, Reena Sotropa and I each present our own interior design vision for a specific room of the home. This time, we’ve both started with the same exquisite bathroom vanity console from Kallista.  The Vir Stil Console Table with Towel Bar designed by Laura Kirar is a handsome solid piece of marble cut with impeccable details offering simple luxurious elegance. It’s the perfect beginning to a powder room with some serious punch.

Reena's Powder Room, as referenced in Calgary interior design blog, 'The Pink Chandelier', by Calgary interior designer, Jacqueline Corea, of Corea Sotropa Interior Design.

Moroccan Marble by Reena of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Reena imagines a powder bath with a subtle Moroccan flavour starting with a patterned marble floor from New Ravenna The walls of this powder room are finished with tiny marble mosaic wainscoting available through Ann Sacks Tile and capped with a listello that matches the patterned floor. A glamorous rock crystal chandelier from Charles Spada via 1stDibs glitters above a Currey & Company mirror. Finishing it off are monogrammed bath linens by Leontine which add personal charm to Reena’s monochromatic, Moroccan, marble powder room.

Jacqueline's powder room, as referenced in Calgary interior design blog, The Pink Chandelier, by Calgary interior designer, Jacqueline Corea, of Corea Sotropa Interior Design.

Ikat Pattern Play by Jacqueline of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

For my little jewel of a bathroom I picture this to-die-for New Ravenna ikat mosaic tile installed floor to ceiling as a backdrop for the console sink.  The floor would be laid in large scale marble tiles from Ann Sacks to match the marble sink.  Wall sconces by Circa Lighting  cast a pretty glow and are placed on either side of an understated beveled mirror available through Horchow. My must have powder room accessory is scented soap beautifully wrapped in decorative paper from Fringe Studio.

Now it’s time for your votes….which is your favourite bathroom? The Moroccan Marble masterpiece by Reena with it’s sumptuous finishes, subtle patterns and glamorous lighting or Jacqueline’s Ikat Pattern Play with it’s graphic punch and soft grey colour scheme? What decorative elements and finishing details would you pair with this classically modern marble vanity sink? Let us know!



My Double Vision series showcases the different (or similar) interior design concepts between me and my design partner Reena Sotropa. Even with the same design philosophy and aesthetic it amazes me how we can each look at the same element and come up with two completely unique ideas. The fresh perspective we each bring keeps the projects of our Calgary interior design firm, Corea Sotropa, interesting and inspired. We’d love to help you with your projects – please get in touch!


15 comments to Double Vision | Powder Room

  • Bonnie Baxter

    Absolutely love that Ikat tile…the look is so warm and inviting with an air of mystery!

  • cam

    Moroccan Marble by Reena… (afraid ikat would be so 2011 & bathroom design should last for 10 years or more)

  • OK Ladies. Since yer kid gloves are off and you are in opposing corners of the ring…I have to step in… Here’s this ref’s take on your solutions: While the Moroccan is classic and timeless I’m giving a teeny tiny bigger vote to the Ikat because its so different. Both schemes would be awesome. Howzat for balancing the tightrope of diplomacy?

    • admin

      Very nicely done Kevin! You must have experience in dealing with husbands & wives that don’t agree on design details ;-) !! Thanks so much for your vote and for stopping by.

  • That Moroccan marble is simply divine!! :D


  • Love Reena’s crystal chandelier but I recently saw a powder room with floor to ceiling ikat mosaic tile and fell in love. So, Jacqueline’s it is! :)

  • Hmmmm….tough one. Ladies, they are both beautiful. I vote for the Ikat tile as I am in love with the vertical application of mosaics right now with simple finished surrounding it.

    • admin

      Hi Nadine – Thanks so much for stopping in and voting. Now that I’ve seen that ikat I am desperately trying to find a project to use it in!

  • Wow! I am so thrilled to see this and read the responses. We make these Jewel Glass mosaics in Virginia and sell them through tile showrooms across the country so we are almost always removed from the discussions about design and installation. I love this!

    I am thinking of installing the Ikat pattern Weft in the second story board in my kitchen in the next few months. The greys are so complex, with a hint of blue in there and the whites have a tonal shift to almost bronze that creates warmth. It took many trials in the studio to get these complex enough without looking “busy”. The differences in the tones feel just like fabric. (gosh, my job is fun…I am the marketing manager for New Ravenna Mosaics.)

    • admin

      Hi Christine – we’re all so glad that you liked our post featuring New Ravenna tiles. You really do make breathtaking products!
      I hope you do go ahead with the ikat in your kitchen. What an incredible statement that would be! Your description of the tile makes them even more appealing than the photos show. We hope we are able to find a home for these tiles in a project someday soon as well!

  • […] patterns used by Jacqueline Corea and Reena Sotropa of Corea Sotropa Interior Design.  Click HERE to go directly to the blog post.  Click on the pattern name to see our Weft or Djinn […]

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