Tickled Pink | Wall Sconces

I have a particular fondness for wall sconces because of the soft, flattering light they cast. Sconces also provide decorative details, create interesting shadows, and highlight architectural features. For this edition of Tickled Pink my design team at Corea Sotropa has our favourite wall sconces to share with you. Try these lovelies placed on either side of a glittering bathroom mirror,  along a stairwell or mounted on library shelving.


Corea Sotropa's favorite wall sconces, as referenced in Calgary interior design blog 'The Pink Chandelier' by Calgary interior designer, Jacqueline Corea, of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Tickled Pink Resources: Jacqueline’s pick by Porta Romana, Reena’s favourite via Global Views, Carolyn’s selection from Anthropologie, Patti’s pick by Currey & Co, Meghan’s choice is from Ochre.

Do you have a favourite from our Tickled Pink selections? Do you prefer the clean lines of Reena’s fortune teller sconce or the traditional glow of Patti’s pretty lantern? Which wall sconce has you tickled pink? We’d love to hear!





Join us for Tickled Pink, a monthly roundup of our very favourites from the design team at Corea Sotropa Interior Design. We’re a Calgary-based interior design firm known for our fresh, sophisticated approach to residential interiors. We’d love to help you with your project. Please get in touch!


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