Decor Mentor | Consider Concrete for your Fireplace


Concrete fireplace, as referenced in Calgary interior design blog ' The Pink Chandelier', by Calgary Interior Designer, Jacqueline Corea, of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Interior design by Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Concrete is one of the oldest building materials used in architectural history and one of the reasons for the success of the Roman Empire. No kidding, it really was! The invention of concrete is attributed to the Romans and it enabled them to build incredible structures, roads and aqueducts. History lesson aside, I’ve written an article about using concrete for fireplace mantles and surrounds that is over on the Decor Mentor website. Concrete can be shaped and stained producing a multitude of design styles and is often mistaken for stone. Hop on over to Decor Mentor, where I’ve featured some photos of concrete fireplace surrounds that Corea Sotropa has designed. I think you will be pretty impressed with how this unassuming building material can be transformed into some fabulous fireplaces!



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