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If you are Canadian then you are familiar with spunky talk show host, Marilyn Denis. She gabs with guests about all things lifestyle related – fashion, parenting, and of course, interior design. Earlier this year I was contacted by a producer of the Marilyn Denis Show who wondered if I would be interested in having my own home featured in a segment. They were kicking off a new series called “Open House” which would feature great homes across Canada. I jumped at the chance and invited them to come on over! Click here to watch the clip.


Corea Sotropa Interior Design as reference in Calgary Interior design blog "The Pink Chandelier" by Calgary interior designer, Jacqueline Corea of Corea Sotropa Interior Design


The producer and cameraman were so patient with me as I fumbled my way through the filming. I am so grateful for their talent and ability to showcase my home & garden so beautifully. They helped me tame the butterflies in my stomach! Marilyn and her panel of talented design experts were so kind with their comments about the house. To be honest, when I watched the show live I was pretty nervous when they started their critique. OK – nervous is an understatement! I think I held my breath the whole time! But all of them had such lovely things to say, and I felt so validated afterwards. It feels so good to get such positive feedback. The entire experience was a real thrill and a career highlight. Marilyn, if you are listening – I’d have you back anytime! Thanks ever so much for the opportunity.



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