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I’m starting something new here on the Pink Chandelier called “Latest Obsession”. Do you ever see something that inspires you and then you can’t get it off your mind? Then, after you are aware of it, it seems you see it everywhere you turn. It becomes an obsession! This new series is a therapy of sorts for me. A spot where I can gather all the things that are floating around in that designer brain of mine and put them together. Then I’ll have room in my head for my next obsession. I hope you like it.

To start off I’m sharing my madness for malachite. Since this trend emerged these deep emerald swirls have been swirling around in my head. It is so rich when paired with gold and black. Although the living room by Steven Gambrel pictured below doesn’t have any of the malachite pattern in it, the color palette and luxe feel remind me of this brilliant natural stone.

Corea Sotropa Interior Design as referenced in Calgary Interior design Blog 'The Pink Chandelier' by Calgary Interior Designer, Jacqueline Corea of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Room by Steven Gambrel other images: 1. Gucci runway 2. Vase via 1st Dibs 3. Fabric on chair 4. The real McCoy 5. Vintage Rolex




This blog series, “Latest Obsession” is a journal of my inspiration. My Calgary Interior Design firm, Corea Sotropa is known for a sophisticated but fresh approach to residential interiors. I’d love to help you with your projects – please get in touch!



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